Hacking Broadlink internet.

Hacking have always been my one of the better recreational activities. 🙂 I have been hacking for fun and knowledge part time for a long time now ( I guess some 3-4 years).

I have started my hacking career with a chat with some Iranian hacker ( Few weeks after I passed my SLC. in fact I got my first computer around the same time) ; who told me that he can hack Bank Of America , but didn’t told me anything about hacking or his hacks. For months I begged him to teach me hacking. Then I thought leave him! I can do it myself , Back then I was already a programmer with C and Qbasic fluency and I also have had good experience with building basic radio devices or Electronics. I experimented with a lot of things , read a lot of articles and participated in a lot of under ground Chat and Forum servers. Finally I started my hack by sending a fake email to myself , within days I also learned to send fake SMS. Then within 2-3 month of my first hack ( I guess ) I hacked a start up online visa card company, and registered around 4-5 visa cards with around $100. I emailed them told them about the hack and promised to return their money back , but even after waiting for months I didn’t got their reply neither they removed my accounts nor they deactivated the credit card i own from them , later I used those cards on Ebay :D. It was fun to order my first apple product online , But latter I discovered that the Ipod that I ordered from ebay was a Chinese duplicate version 😀 😀 😀 And till today I don’t own any apple device 😀 :D: D

Ok so it was a little bit of history. Now let’s talk about the main point. I have my university exams just two days latter and this whole semester I haven’t even opened my books! :(. While in the dream yesterday ,  I thought “tomorrow I will study some topics”. Then on the morning I thought leave it! I will study on the exam day , After waking up first of all I played with some transistors and managed to make a simple circuit with about 50 transistors It was infact just an array of amplifiers 😀 

Then , I opened my laptop wooh! My internet subscription have expired months earlier. Not to worry! 🙂 I have had an hacked account which was abandoned by the original user ( Himalayan Finance Biratnagar )  and it contained around Nrs. 3000 which was enough for me to use internet for three full months. I logged into Broadlink (  broadlink.com.np ) Internet saw my adsense status and site’s status. Then I felt bored. 🙂 Nothing to do! 

I thought My internet subscription have expired so why not try finding a permanent solution. ( I don’t want to spend money 😀 because these days I am broken )

First I tried Worldlink ( wlink.com.np ) tried a lot and finally got an abandoned internet account with active internet subscription.    I was very happy tried to connect through the 5.4 ghz wifi receiver ( 5.4 ghz is the band in which wlink’s network function ) which I own. But shit! I have left the device outdoor for a long time and the rj45 connector was  rusted 🙁 I was so lazy that I didn’t even bothered to remove the rust and try the wlink’s net , Instead I left it and searched for more vulnerable networks.

Then I thought why not try with my own ISP , Boraldink ( broadlink.com.np ) Which I was using from last one year. ( But the subscription expired few months back and I have been using  friend’s account and some hacked account from).

I have already found few vulnerabilities of  Broadlink ,  I thought it will be very hard to find yet another loop hole.

But within just 2-3 hours I found a way to bypass their online payment system and get their Internet Recharge card for free. 😀 😀 😀

I was very happy. I then , Ordered a Nrs. 18080 card from their site absolutely free! 😀

For that I used fake identity. 🙂


I became greedy and ordered a lot of such cards 😀 which sums about Nrs. 200000 


😀 I Knew they will for sure find it out and deactivate all the cards. SO just to check I used the recharged card on the account I have been using ( Hacked account of Himalayan finance biratnagar ) 😀 I got the amount in the account 😀 I upgraded the internet’s speed with that amount 😀  

Till then I was thinking of two consequences:

1* They will not find out what I did and I will be happily using super fast  free internet for next 1-2 years 😀

2* They will find it out and , deactivate all my recharge cards 🙂

I also thought of calling them and telling them about the Hack :). But I thought  my call will be received by some  non-technical person with no technical knowledge at all. Who got their job as costumer care representative either because they were beautiful and the personnel was seduced to appoint them , or some girls who are relatives of personnel. I also thought they might act same as the first credit card company I hacked and just ignore my call.

I was not much interested in using those card although for one moment I thought of selling those cards to my friends for 2-3 hundreds 😀  , Because I was going to get my payment in 2-3 days and buy a new internet , Or if I will have been too greedy to spend my earnings on internet ;  then I could have easily bypassed their authentication server , But I immediately dropped the idea.

I have also ordered some broadtel cards ( broadtel is broadlink’s online telephony system) I decided to check if these cards were also working or not. 🙂 I used a card 🙂 but their system requires 24 hours for a card to be processed. So I waited.

Then I waited and surfed internet in search of another hack :D.

But later I thought even though they might ignore my message if I call or email them , Why not give them a chance to find who I am ( if they were aware about the hack ).

I was using random phone numbers in each of the form I submitted in their site. This time to let them know my number if they ever search for me , I called the costumer representative and asked her to make me a broadtel account but this time she knew my phone number and I also gave her my phone number to fill out in the form. Then she told me to wait for 24 hours.

I thought may be tomorrow or few days latter broadlink security personnel might call me and harass  me 😀 


To my surprise he called just 2-3 minutes latter he asked who am I. 😀

Opposite to what I was expecting he didn’t harassed me instead talked to me nicely; I also talked to him nicely and told him about the hack 🙂 I also told him about the hacked account 😀

But I haven’t still told him about the hack to by pass their authentications server and use their net without having any username 😀 . If some broadlink technician or personel ever get to read this then call me at my number 9846521072 . I will also be happy to tell you about the authentication bypass hack 🙂 but make sure you call me from broadlink’s office number. Because just anyone can call me from any number and find this hack if I don’t attach this catch. 

BTW  I also asked him what will happen to the hacked recharge cards ; although I knew he might have already de-activated them ; he told they will be deactivated 🙂

Finally at the last I spent my day with new experiments as I always do. 🙂

I lost the hacked account from  which I have been using internet. 🙁 Now i will need to buy new cards and I will get funds only after few days 🙁 

But then I logged in into my original account and checked if they have deactivated the cards I hacked or not , To my surprise they were still working 😀 😀 😀 I checked every card and every card worked 😀 . I don’t know what will the broadlink’s technician do to my account but for now I am posting this post with my super fast internet 😀

I will post updated if any happen to occur. 



August 31:

As of today it seems like Broadlink have blocked all of my domains in their network 😀 😀 :D. So no one from Broadlink network can open my sites 😀 :D: D , Broadlink seems to be angry with me because I made the hack public. 


 P.S. : I am not trying to encourage black hat hacking. Infact you can never get away by stealing someone else’s possessions may it be online or offline , Unless the owner lets you go.  Hacking should always be for knowledge and not for making others suffer. 

44 thoughts on “Hacking Broadlink internet.”

    1. Hacking is not something which can be taught.
      Hacking is just one’s instinct to find new things. It is one’s instinct to use somethings even better than it was originally designed to be used.

      Call me if you ever come to pokhara we can have a coffee together and have a talk. but for now learn hacking yourself , which is the best way to learn hacking:)

      And regarding the WEP key hacking , Just be familiar with backtrack and it;s tools and use it.

      1. Yup agreed with Subash Chandra , I was thinking of vulnerabilities of outlets. I am getting access to the some kind of server. How ever i have mailed them from non-disclouser mailing address, they have not reply me back. hope there will be some talks on this for few time.

        Any the info was gr8, esp the Visa one and the non techical GIRL.

        yes there are lot of vulnerabilities on payment solution of NEPAL, here are few if u you incresease Knowledge
        -esew is haveing Problem
        – investment back to have Problem
        -Laxmi bank have Problem
        -NCell have Problem
        -NTC recharge card Generator have Problem.

        Let make a secure code, Increase hack so that Our data can be safe.

        Note: Above info is for Education Purpose only. USE at YOUR OWN RISK

        1. Thanks for your comment.
          Nepal have a bad luck! Most of the technical and intellectuals minds are outside waiting for their turns to get appointed and the dumb minded get’s inside and replies to our calls and inquiries.

          I believe Nepalese sites and systems have better security ( Except Government sites ) compared to the similar sized systems in foreign. 🙂 ( It might just be my supposition not the fact at all. )

          But still a lot of Nepalese systems have a lot , lot and a lot of vulnerabilities.
          I agree with you , Let’s increase hack and make Nepalese codes and systems more secure , But for sure with open identity and without and secrecy. There are a lot of hacktivist in Nepal I guess , but most of them are undercover! Why get afraid to do the thing you love!

          1. sir I am using broadlink wifi …but I am going to be begging with recharging time and time …. what is for solutions

      2. i think u r d guy i hav met in mig.. tapai merchnt hunu hunthyo ho ?? id subashchandra ani tapai ko surname thyo kyare…. IS DAT U ???

  1. I always crack into neighbours wifi through wps hole but he changes password everyday ,i am tired of everyday two hours of penetration testing to use wifi, because he can see my mac in his router , do you have any permanent solution , about hiding in a network,???

    1. Just simple. Clone mac address and make a permanent so that, the user changes the password, u are not affected with that.

      Note: i will not share the Process, but above is the way of doing.

      Best luck

      Note: Above info is for Education Purpose only. USE at YOUR OWN RISK

    2. when you crack the password, it also displays the wps pin code of router. Next time when the password is changed, use that pin in command like this: reaver -b bssid -i interface -p pin_code and get the password instantly.

  2. really gud to know there are few people who can hack. i had heard that one man hacked into police site and he got cought. you can easily get busted because of your mac address. there are few softwares which claim to change the mac address but it does not change permanently. physical mac address can be detected. well bro, if you are from pokhara then i would like to meet you. i am from pokhara as well. “Hacking is for fun and learning purpose only. do not hack to misuse. DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK.” Enjoy! cheers!!!

    1. The main reason hackers get caught is because of the IP address tracking and Server log , For example even if you use VPN to anonymize your IP address many VPN companies saves log and law enforcing agencies can easily get the logs from them.

      Sure , I will be more than happy to meet you and have a coffee with you. 🙂 Just message me on facebook , email me or call me. 🙂

        1. Sometimes back I used hidemyass vpn and VPN4. All that too just for few days then deactivated my account.
          After that I never felt a need for VPN , Actually Neplese ISP are more secure then VPN , many of them provide same IP to all users VIA proxy and also don’t keep any traceable log if used in correct way. 😀

    2. Bro, good to know that, U are also Hacker.

      About the user caught was when the password and user name was

      username: NPolice

      That was a way back. Now a days if u check any online news you will Recive that every GOvernment site is hacked.

      It is sameful to say that NTC, Recharge card Genrator have been hacked By Indoasian Hackers, even NCell server have been Hacked.( source Rajdhani).

      We dont have good people that understands the concept behind the Hack. Generally people think is crime. But Hack is Finding New thing. Bill, steve would not exist , as they were best hacker,one is software, one in Hardware.

      So if u are Finding new things, Call u self a Hacker.

      And For Mac Address, If u are using BT5.1RT there is tool to hide MAC and Ip address.

      Try to swith to Open source , if u are FOnd of Penetrating the system.


      Note: Above info is for Education Purpose only. USE at YOUR OWN RISK

      1. Most Neplese peoples regard Hacking as looting or stealing they don’t understand the intellectual side of the Hacking.

    1. They have thanked Subash by Blocking this site in whole Broadlink server.

      I have to use Neighbor internet to access Subash site

      How painful.

      Come on Guys, he have not shared he have to blocked!

    1. Hacking , have a two part

      1. For understanding the situation
      2. for Money

      when hacking enter into the case of money , it is crime. On Subash case, he is not crime, coz he have informed the concern person , about the Vunilibilities in the system.

  3. hey dude.ur story is really interesting and inspiring as well.i have checked almost everythings on the web about hacking a wifi but couldnt get any solution.can u plz help me hack a wifi??i would really be grateful to u..dude.

    1. I don’t help peoples in their hacking.
      But I can help peoples understand the systems better if we can meet. 🙂

    1. Sure , I will post the following things soon:

      The situation of Police and Police Intiligence in Nepal.
      The situation of Technology and Science in Nepal.
      The situation of Law , Order and Justice in Nepal.

      And the most intresting The Technological Knowlegde of Neplese Law Makers , Law Keepers and Judiciary.

      All related to my experience in Police Custody.


  4. how to hack the broadlink wifi? It only shows its login page and broadlink site only. can you give me username and password for worldlink wifi?

  5. काठमाडौं, बैशाख १५ गते
    द्यचयबमष्लिप Broadlink Network and communication प्रा.लि.को Server Hack गरी Recharge Pin झिकेको अभियोगमा प्रहरीले कास्की धिताल ३ बस्ने २० वर्षीय सुवासचन्द्र पौडेल र कास्की चापाकोट ५ बस्ने २२ बर्षीय अमन सुनारलाई पक्राउ गरेको छ ।
    मिति २०६९ चैत २९ गते Broadlink Network and communication प्रा.लि.ले उक्त प्रा.लिको Server Hack गरी Recharge pin हरु झिकी केही pin हरु प्रयोग समेत गरेको भनि आवश्यक कारवाहीको लागि प्रहरीमा निवेदन दिएकोमा Server Hack गरेका IP हरु पत्ता लगाई निजहरुलाई बैशाख ८ गते प्रहरीले पक्राउ गरेको थियो ।
    निज अभियुक्तहरुलाई विद्युतिय कारोवार ऐन २०६३ अन्तर्गतको मुद्दामा आवश्यक कारवाहीको लागि महानगरिय प्रहरी परिसर हनुमानढोका पठाईएको छ ।

  6. KATHMANDU: Police on last Sunday arrested two persons on the charge of server hacking and obtaining recharge pins.

    The detainees have been identified as Subash Chandra Paudel (20) of Dhital-3 and Aman Sunar (22) of Chapakot-5, Kaski district.

  7. ..and all this time while reading, i thought you would teach us to hack broadlink wifi!
    i’ve been using World link hacked usernames since 6 months, but now i got none! lol! anyways, nice experience.! 🙂

  8. I read this somewhere
    The detainees have been identified as Subash Chandra Paudel (20) of Dhital-3 and Aman Sunar (22) of Chapakot-5, Kaski district.
    Tell me about this incident. I’m more interested on situation with police.

  9. frens.. you all seems very interesting n i think u all are very expert hackers. plz give me some idea how n where can i learn to hack ? I also want to know how people hack wifi ,official sites and facebook .

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